Beautiful hydrangeas in Geelong

I think there is no doubt that these seasonal flowers in all their beauty have shades of pinks blues white green and mauve and are one of the best summer blooms.

We grow these local plants and each year take cuttings which will be harvested the next year.

The hydrangea is pruned after flowering. I would be happy to give you some tips in our next blog!

Geelong is an ideal climate for these popular flowers but on hot sunny days they must be covered with a shade cloth giving them the necessary protection from the sun’s heat rays but make sure it is not touching the flower. please ask your local nursery person about liquid aluminium sulphate !

After harvesting the hydrangea, snip any unwanted foliage and put the clean stems into a vase of fresh water, add a small amount of the liquid aluminium sulphate. Your blooms will last at least another five day and we love it!

Pictured – Local Geelong florist Judy Chirnside standing outside her Newtown home holding a big bunch of white hydrangeas.