Freshest flowers from the top florist in Geelong

Florist Judy Chirnside is known to have the best flowers in Geelong.

Judy has the ability to make her fresh cut blooms last longer. This is certainly more of a challenge when there is a spate of 40 degree days. However, this florist would like to share her tips for those piping hot days when local blooms can still give joy and lift the spirits, even as we try to combat the weather with brightness.

Judy’s tips for keeping your flowers fresh

Flowers should be picked early in the morning while it is reasonably cool. The rule is that these stems should be cut on an angle to achieve the maximum uptake of fresh cool water in your clean vase. Judy will often add an ice block to the water too!

The rule is that whatever the weather conditions are after your flowers have been cut to the desired length that they be popped into water within 30 seconds. This prevents a film forming across the stem which stops the water flow.

This flower lover especially loves her roses and her favourite and most durable rose is called Chicago Peace. The flower grows in great soil and fed from sudden impact go go juice, both of which can be purchased locally from Brad at Valley Road Nursery in Highton.

This salmon-pink-yellow rose is a beauty and continues to pop up on the hottest days with a big smile on its face. We have delivered many of our roses to people around the Geelong area and many have been sent as sympathy flowers.

We find seasonal flowers are the most desired by us because they do really last well. The photo shows just a couple from our bed of roses flowering right now.