Judy’s tips for treasuring tulips

Winter is the very best time for beautiful tulips. I wonder if you know the post harvest treatment of these flowers so they can last beautifully for up to two weeks. Here are a few tips.

Firstly recut the stems and remove any of those soil bits often trapped in the stems.  It stops the water becoming mirky but also hinders the life of the tulip. Then with a pin pierce the base of the flower in to the top of the stem. This encourages the water flow and prevents the flower from ‘flopping’.

Pop the tulips into your vase of fresh cold water and situate away from any heat. Tulips thrive in cold weather so I always move the arrangement outside at night

Tulips might seem expensive but if you follow these tips they will last well and they are worth every dollar spent and I find them a great joy!

Make sure when you buy the best quality flowers and check that the leaves are a deepish green. Tulips are best to buy when not open.